About DIY Photographer

DIY Photographer Services we provide Professional Digital Cameras to capture HD shots on your special day. Your guests and you are free to capture memories in your own unique way and to incorporate your style and personality into the pictures and create forever memories.

Remember disposal cameras?

DIY Photographer services is the same principal, but our cameras are the best of the best when it comes to picture quality and clarity, they will capture sharp and powerful snapshots of your favourite moments.

We will deliver the cameras to the venue and pick them up once the event has finished. We also give you ample time to take as many post-event photographs as needed. After we pick up the cameras, we will download all your pictures and deliver them through Dropbox. Within 24hours after the event, you will receive every picture taken at the event.

Hi, my name is Trudie Sultana and I am founder and creator of DIY Photographer Services Pty Ltd. I love meeting new people and spreading the word about my new concept business. My vision for DIY Photographer Services is that it will be as popular as disposal cameras where in the 90’s. The difference is that we will keep up with technology in our service and equipment. DIY Photographer Services is a fun and interactive way of capturing lifetime memories, for every special occasion.

Our target market is quite varied as DIY Photographer Services can be used at any event or special occasion where a camera is required. It can be used at Weddings, Engagements, Birthday parties, Corporate events, Christmas parties, any event where a photographer is required or any event where special moments need to be captured.

I came up with this exciting new concept when remembering how popular disposal cameras where in the 90’s, how much fun they were to use and the great interaction that was had with guest. My concept business allows for all these memories to become reality, with a lot of added benefits.

  • Interactive for your guest
  • Affordable
  • Cameras holds 8000 pictures and video
  • 24 hours after event all pictures taken are delivered in Hi-Res via Dropbox
  • Hirer get all the pictures taken at event
  • Encourages guest to capture memories on DIY Cameras, instead of using phones where you might not get all the photo taken
  • More natural pictures
  • No need to have people queuing at a Photobooth
  • It’s fun