How It Works

We offer clients many Western Sydney wedding photographer packages:

Hire A Professional Camera in Sydney

We provide professional Canon PowerShot G5X Digital Cameras to capture HD shots on your special day. Your guests and you are free to capture memories in your own unique way and to incorporate your style and personality into the pictures. Our cameras are the best of the best when it comes to picture quality and clarity, they will capture sharp and powerful snapshots of your favourite moments. Add your own personal style into the mix and the results will be stunners!

You have a full freedom to commemorate your events in various ways with our professional cameras in hand. We will deliver the cameras to the venue and pick them up once the event has finished. We also give you ample time to take as many post-event photographs as needed. We will make sure you have time to capture most memories to reminisce over later. Your special day is our main priority, we make adjustments according to each client’s personal requirements. When it comes to the best wedding photographer in Sydney, nobody is better than us!


After a long party or wedding, it may be difficult to sift through and download hundreds of captured images. Therefore, we offer a service which will do the hardwork for you! After we pick up the cameras, we will download all your pictures and deliver them through Dropbox. We save you the hassle of processing and downloading the pictures, whilst simultaneously giving you the pleasure of handling your own photography. You take the pictures and we do the processing work! We also have formed a rewarding partnership with the award-winning printing company, NuShot. Through our collaboration, we are able to offer you the best of both worlds—great cameras and a top-class printing service, so you can get quality prints of images. Special Offer – 50 free 6×4 lustre prints.


As per our economic pricing strategy, the minimum requirement for ordering our cameras is three for each event. It may seem like a large number, but you may need to consider the amount of people queuing to use the camera. Involving guests to take a big part in your event will increase the hype and the excitement. Not only we offer a unique and unusual way to document an event, we also try keep things affordable for you. Check out our amazing price list for further references.

A common question asked by on-budget clients is “how much does a wedding photographer cost?”. It’s a primary concern when looking for photography services for special occassion. And to answer the question, Sydney’s wedding photographers prices tend to lean towards the steeper end. We know that a big number of professional photographers for an event can be quite pricey. But we dare to be different! We offer a fun and cost-effective way to capture precious moments. In addition to camera hire charges, we levy some necessary charges. The administrative costs as the fee for processing and downloading your photos. Dowloading bulky photos can be time-consuming, hence we give you the option of leave it to us. Also, a security deposit (is required) for the cameras, in case any damage occurs during the event. This security deposit is refundable and we will return it in a full amount after we check if the cameras are in a good condition. Overall, our camera-hire packages are considered affordable compared to other professional wedding photographers in Sydney, Australia. A total win-win for you!

D.I.Y. Specialised Services

Hiring us will give you and your guests a complete creative control of the event. Multiple cameras enable you to capture multiple angles and aspects of the event at the same time. For example, if someone is giving a toast at a wedding and you want to capture the bride’s reaction without missing the speech itself, our multiple-camera package will enable you to capture both moments. We understand that professional cameras can be challenging to use. Therefore, we always drop our cameras at the venue before the main event, giving you time to learn how to handle and use them. We provide a 30-minute mini-lesson to guide you through the photography process. For a successful event, preparation is the key. We suggest to visit our website and read all the necessary information regarding to the event to help you and your guests prepare. It would be great if your guests are familiar with the cameras already when the event starts!

D.I.Y. Cameras

Our D.I.Y Canon PowerShot G5X Digital cameras are set at “Point and Shoot” to simplify the photography for you. We know it may take a long time to understand how professional cameras work, especially if you don’t have any experience before. There are settings and options available which can be confusing and overwhelming for first-time users. Therefore, we present all the required functions you’ll need to take clear and sharp pictures.This way, you won’t have to play around with the settings before taking each picture. Also, you are free to experiment with the different colours, focus, and brightness option to get the best photographs!

Our cameras are able to capture light, which give the pictures a fun and lively effect. The cameras take pictures that need little or no post-photography editing. Moreover, the quality is matchless! The specifications include a 1.0 type black illuminated, a DIGIC 6 Processor, and a 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. With our advanced cameras, fantastic results are a guarantee.

We make sure our cameras are user-friendly, so that anyone can take charge of photography without messing up the pictures. There is a massive storage space and you can take up to 8000 photos with each camera. You don’t need to change memory cards midway or remove pictures to make space. You can even capture videos with these cameras. This is a great option for covering speeches, the full swing of festivities, and the wedding wows themselves. We provide the step-by-step instructions, but if you have any other questions, it will be our pleasure to assist you further.


While we give you soft copies of all your photos, you can also get them printed out. At a small, additional cost, we print out all or pre-selected pictures from the event. You always have the option of hiring one of our expert photographers if you don’t want to take the pictures yourself. We have great deals, offers, and discounts on all of our packages. Our speciality is our Canon Power Shot G5X Digital cameras, but we also hire out EOS Canon cameras. You have the option to choose the cameras that suit you when you book an appointment with us. We guarantee the best wedding photographer packages in Sydney!

Tools of D.I.Y.

At D.I.Y Photographers, we have a business partnership with the award-winning printing company, NuShot. Through our collaboration, we are able to offer you the best of both worlds—great cameras and a top-class printing service.

Whether you want to develop old photographs or new photographs from a special event, you can get premium quality prints from NuShot. We offer the best partnership deals and discounts. We will edit, print out and deliver your photos to your doorstep. You’ll be able to both enjoy the event to the hilt and relive cherished memories later, all handled by our professional team and our valued partners.

Canon Power Shot G5X

This is a powerful, high-quality camera in a compact form. It is one of the best DSLRs in the market, offering you a great photography experience, along with top quality shots. Being compact, the camera is very easy to hold, handle and manoeuvre. You have the option to zoom in or out depending on the object’s location. The lens has an amazing focus option, which is great for professionals-style photography. It has extensive external controls that you can adjust to your needs. Although we set everything for you before the event, your guests still have the option to change certain settings in the cameras to fit their personal needs and preferences. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to capturing images, so we keep the options open for your guests.

The camera supports shooting images in bright lighting (which will often be a problem if you’re using non-professional or phone cameras). It’s one of the best compact and professional cameras available. The camera also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi system to help you transfer pictures quickly and conveniently.

We hope to be the right photography service for your upcoming wedding or any other special events! It will be a unique and one-of-a-kind experience and we’re sure, you and your loved ones will thoroughly enjoy having your own wedding photographer in Sydney!